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Robert Thresher


Robert Thresher, raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is a dreamer, entrepreneur, self-starter, and hard-working family man that started his career in aviation maintenance by joining the United States Air Force. During this time Robert married his high school sweetheart, Madelyn and they had their son, Jackson. Prior to leaving the USAF, Robert obtained his Airframe & Power Plant (A&P) certificate and began working in the civilian sector. At this time Robert and Madelyn had their daughter, Harper. Robert moved to a couple of different companies before getting his Inspector Authorization (IA) through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a B.S. in Aeronautics/minor in Management, and A.S. in Aviation Maintenance, all in hopes to move up the corporate ladder. ​


No matter how much effort was put in through hard work and education, Robert found himself stuck in the daily grind, going on multiple deployments, and spending less and less time with family. During one of the deployments Robert discovered multifamily investing and was able to go in on an RV park as a Limited Partner. Robert has always been interested in buying properties, renovating, and selling for profit as the hard work and dedication actually have a meaning. Each location that Robert has lived he has bought homes, conducted renovations, rented out, and has sold for profit. This is what ultimately drove Robert to start his own company and perform the same operations at larger scales.​

Robert enjoys traveling and spending time with the family, working hard and seeing results, and working towards financial freedom.

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